Water Controlled System

Water Controlled system helps customers care for and preserve the outdoor and indoor environment..”Powerins” has a history of creating and maintaining building water distribution and landscapes that are green, healthy and safe, with a full range of superior, innovative and environmentally sound products, services and systems.

Irrigation control

This system helps to control water to the landscape automatically with a certain period of time and also with the rain sensors.

Water Level Control:

The System helps to control water level of a tank automatically with the help of water level sensors.

Advantages of water controlled system

Rain sensor detection and logging - Rain sensor detection will automatically halt any watering and startwatering again when the rain sensor is no longer activated. You can view the log at any time to show the activation and deactivation times of the rain sensor. If you really, really don't want a rain sensor, you can simply bridge pins 13 and 25, or modify the software to not look for 'always on' for the input.
  • Auto timer with fortnightly programming for setting alternating week programs (with selectable days).

  • Level sensors: helps to supply water from well after a preset low level reached on the tank.

  • Pressure sensors: Helps to distribute the water when a preset low pressure reached on the pipe line .