Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning Control (HVAC)

Air handlers

Centralised Unit helps to supply comfortable air to the Building automatically by sensing environmental sensors (temperature,humidity,co2 ).

Variable/constant volume air-handling units

The unit which helps to supply comfortable air to the individual room automatically sensing environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, co2).

Chilled water system and Pumps

Centralised Unit helps to distribute chilled water to the Air conditioning system automatically by sensing temperature and pressure sensors.


- Energy Saving with the help of timers and occupancy sensors.

- Distribution of Comfortable air to the entire building with the help of sensors.

- Early detection of failures via pager, cellular phone, or audible alarm./centralised monitoring system(computer).

Safety Features


- Common temperature alarms are: space, supply air, chilled water supply and hot water supply.)

- Differential pressure switches can be placed on air conditioning filter to determine if it is dirty.

- Status alarms are common. If a mechanical device like a pump is requested to start, and the status input indicates it is off. This can indicate a mechanical failure.

- Some valve actuators have end switches to indicate if the valve has opened or not.

- Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide sensors can be used to alarm if levels are too high.

- Refrigerant sensors can be used to indicate possible refrigerant leak.

- Current sensors can be used to detect low current conditions caused by slipping fan belts, or clogging strainers at pumps.

- Prevention of Air distribution to the building whenever Fire/ smoke alarm systems activate.