Electrical Equipments


Indoor Lighting

Back of house and Front of house lighting such as Spot Light, down Light, recessed fitting, surface mounted light fitting, w/p proof fitting, Wall washer and chandelier.

Make: Cooper Crompton, Philips, Thornlux, GE, Thorn, Vlux, Zalux, Fosnova,RZB, Bega, Zumtobel, Arcluce, Wipro Lighting, Peerless, Walsall, NIBA,Unilight

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Light such as street light, under water light, Buried light and Facade light,

Make: Cooper, Philips, Bega, RZB,Thorn

LED Lighting

LED Light suitable for all application such as Spot light, down light, Street light, W/P LED light, strip light and buried light,

Make: KIWI-China, LG, GE

Lighting accessories

Outdoor Light such as street light, under water light, Buried light and Facade light,

Make: Cooper, Philips, Bega, RZB

Lighting Poles

All kinds of Street light pole for Highway, parks, Parking area and Roads, Sports field

Make : Galvan co-KSA And Euro Pole

Cables and Wires

LV Cables and Wires

All kinds of Low voltage cable for building services, underground and hazardous area and high temperature and fire resistant application.

Make: Ducab, Riyad Cable,Tekab,Prysmian, and National cable.

Flexible Cables

All kind of Flexible Cable (Rubber & PVC) for outdoor, Indoor, Under Water, High Temperature Area application.

Make: Top Cable Spain, RR Cable, Tekab, Draka, SM Cable

Fire Resistant Cables

Fire resistant Cable for Fire Alarm,and PAVA system and hazardous area application.

Make : Prysmian, Firetek, Firecel

Instrumentation and Control Cables

Control and Instrumentation Cable for low Voltage application such as voice, data control for BMS system, PA system, CCTV, lighting control application.

Make: B3, Tekab, Belden Cable,Nexans

High voltage Material

a)Voltage Cable.

High voltage Cable from 11 KV cable up to 400KV cable with and without water blocking.

b) Surge arrestor

Surge arrestors for medium voltage system for application for protection of over head line, Cables, stations, Transformers, Generator, and Capacitor. Make: ABB

c) High voltage capacitor: Madav capacitor

Cable Management System

GI Cable Tray Trunking & Wire basket

GI Cable Tray, Trunking, Wire Basket and accessories for medium duty and heavy duty application from hotdip postand pre galvanized material.

Make: Unimetal, Trasdelta, Legrand, MK, Swift, Salamander, Cablofil.

PVC Trunking and accessories

PVC Trunking with and without adhesive and skirting. Trunking for low voltage Lighting & small Power and low current application.

Make: KC star Malasia,MK, Duracon-UAE

GI conduit and accessories

Light duty, Medium duty and heavy duty conduit for low voltage and Low Currant application.

Make : Barton-UK

PVC Conduit and accessories

Light duty, Medium duty and Heavy duty conduit for low voltage and low currant application.

Make: Comat-UAE, Decoduct-UAE, KL star Malasia

Wiring accessories

Normal, decorative and w/p metal finish, industrial socket and Pluges, extension socket.

Make: MK, Clipsal, BG, Legrand, Duracon


Metal and PVC Finish Isolator from normal, W/P and explosive proof application.

Make: Katko, ABB, Scemi,BG,MEM, Cooper

Earthing and Lighting Protection System

Earthing and lightning protection Material such as earth rod.(Solid copper & Bonded Copper), earth pit, Copper tap,Couples etc.

Make : Biax, Furse & LPI

Transformer, Generator & UPS

Low voltage Transformers, Generator upto 1500KVA and UPS upto 400 KVA

Make: ETE, Socomec, GE and NDL


High Temperature Motor ( 400°C, 2hrs Running ) AC Single phase and & 3 Phase AC Motor

Make: Maraz – Spain

Explossion Proof Motor, Cemp Motor,Casals Italy

Normal Motor :

AC Single phase & Three Phase Make : Maraz-Spain, WEG - Germany

Testing Equipment

Earth Tester, Continuity and Insulation Tester, Clamp Meter, Pressure Guage Calibrator, Laser distant Meter, Hipot Tester.

Make: Fluke, Megger, Sanwa

Cable accessories

Cable Glands and Lugs

Indoor and outdoor cable glands (CW/BW glands)

Make: Ducab connect, biax, Volt-Taiwan, Snowlite-UK

Cable joint kit

Cable joint for various application for low voltage, control Cable and HV system.

Make: Cell Pack, Repel,Raychem

Cable Tie

PVC Cable Tie for Medium and Heavy duty application.

Make: Volt-Taiwan, Snowlite-UK,3M

Cable Cleat

Cable Connectors

Switch Gear and Components

Switch Gear Comments

MCB, MCCB, Contactor, Relay,DB,SMDB,Control Panel

Make: Schneider, ABB, Terascki, Legrand,

Panel Heater

Make:Jumo, KSI

Panel mounted Fan and Filter

Make: Rittal